Hi! I’m Lia, and I chronically start things and don’t finish them—stories, notebooks, journals, and projects in general. I love dogs, all dogs, but especially my little Nugget. I like to cook, meal prep, and occasionally bake things. I like bikes, especially fixed gears. I love to knit. I like tea, but I definitely like coffee more. I love the snow, and winter sports—downhill and cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding—but I don’t have a chance to do that much in the Boston area, where I’ve settled for a bit.


I currently work as an instructional designer at athenahealth, a Boston-area based healthcare software and service company. I do a bit of coding, a bit of graphic design, a bit of writing, and a lot of developing in-the-moment training walkthroughs.

I set up this blog to track my progress for my self-proclaimed Year of Growth. You can read more about the blog beginnings here. The format is going to be whatever strikes my fancy, given that it’s my blog, my space, and my time spent writing it. So far, I’m thinking anything that pertains to the Year of Growth is fair game: discussing goals and progress in various spheres of my life, planning new challenges, and if any one of those challenges relates to writing in any way, the likelihood is that it’ll be documented here. So, take a look around, read some stuff, and shoot me a contact form if you have any questions.